Saturday, December 19, 2009

marathon #3 is just 3 weeks away

Well, I figure it is time for a personal blog update. Life has been quite the whirlwind since my last entry on November 17th. Since that entry I completed marathon #2, the Route 66 Marathon here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Doing your first 2 marathons 2 weeks apart, well it's a little nuts, but it did qualify me for Marathon Maniacs. I am now indeed an official maniac. I am Marathon Maniac #1996.

But I "original" pick for my first marathon the Walt Disney World marathon is coming up on January 10th. I signed up for this marathon the day after it was ran in 2009 and made the decision, along with my New Year's Resolution to run at least 500 miles, that I would indeed attempt a marathon and thought why not do it at the "Happiest Place on Earth". Now that it is just 3 weeks away, I am feeling quite nervous about it.

After completing the Greece marathon, I really wasn't sure I ever wanted to do another one, ever.... seriously. I know what you're thinking, everyone says that. However, I really meant it. There are many many many underlying things that occurred on my Greece trip that really doing the marathon 30 minutes slower than I thought I would, well it was just another piece that seemed to fall apart for me. I have taken the last 4-5 weeks and tried to reconcile my own thoughts and feelings about that entire trip and all the aspects of my life that it affected and move forward.

When I got back to the states and regrouped somewhat, the Route 66 marathon was just around the corner. In my mind I kept telling myself that I was trained and could do it. In my mind, I had chalked it up as the possibility to run the marathon I thought I was capable of in Greece. So I semi-coerced Bobby into signing up with me on the day before the marathon, and there we were 2 weeks after Greece, at the starting line of the route 66 marathon. I have left out a few small details...the Wednesday before the Route 66 marathon, I got some horrible sinus crude. I was having to use my inhaler quite a bit, and personally felt like I was keeping Puffs in business. I went to the health clinic at TU and the doctor there kind blew me off. One thing most people know about me, is I am very good at diagnosing my own illnesses. So I did the resourceful thing and called my allergist and he was nice enough to call me in a Z-pack and give me an antibiotic booster (I swear this is the most painful shot ever, except maybe a spinal tap). So, I was really in no condition health wise to run anything, no less the full marathon, but heck that wasn't gonna stop me. So back to the starting line....

It was so incredible to be a part of the Route 66 run, with all of the people from Runners World just everywhere on the course cheering people on, just everywhere. It was just amazing! I have to spend a special shout out to my friends Susan,Candace and Lisa. I saw them at mile 12. I lost Bobby at around mile 8-9, because I had no energy and felt so nauseous I just didn't know how i was gonna go on. At mile 12 when I saw my friends I told them I was getting in the car with them because I was done. Susan reminded me how much money I spent to do the silly run and I needed to keep going, and I did. I walked the entire last 15 miles. I met up with a guy named Jean from Illinois and he kept me company until about mile 24. It was awesome to finish the Route 66 with all my friends at the finish line and just knowing I didn't quit.

So that brings me to today. Today was my last 'recommended' double digit training run for the Walt Disney Marathon. One of my big fears in Disney is that I will be out there by myself. The other 2 marathons I have had Bobby there with me at the start. So all during this past week, I worked on coaching myself that I could go out and run by myself and it would be okay. I had several people offer to put in miles with me on my last long run, but instead decided I needed to figure out if I was going to be able to do it on my own. So I set the alarm for 5:30 AM trying to plan on getting in 5-7 miles before my regular Runners World group met, and then 7 with the group, and then just needing another 2-4 on my own. The alarm went off this morning, and I had almost convinced myself that I would ignore it and figure out a weekday to get in my last long run, then I acknowledged that was ridiculous got up threw on the running clothes and headed to Veteran's park. I started my run this morning feeling nervous and anxious at 6 AM. Within my first couple of miles, I had truly found my "happy place", I was loving focusing on the songs on my ipod. I was loving the fact that I was letting my brain process all the different feelings/emotions I was having about all different people, things, and events. Before I knew it I was already crossing the Pedestrian Bridge for the first go round...this means I had about 3 1/2 miles already done. As I headed out on the Midland Valley Trail, it was still quite dark (I had my headlamp for safety). My head lamp was casting all kinds of interesting shadows so I was playing games with myself about what the different shadows could be and voila before I knew it I was crossing 18th street. I couldn't believe how well the run was going. I looked at my watch at that point and realized I would have time to actually get in 7 miles before the group met. I was feeling so proud of myself for just moving forward and feeling so at ease. I got my 7 done and met up with the group at 7:45. The hardest part of my whole adventure this morning was the waiting around to start running again. The temperatures weren't too bad this morning, but standing around in my own sweat made me quite chilly. I told Bobby to go on without me because I didn't know how much I would slow down, well I really wasn't too far behind him the whole time. It helped me to again feel good about my adventure. After we got back to the starting point, I had just the "short loop" left, Bobby was kind enough to ask if I wanted company, but I declined. I needed to finish what I had started, and I did. I completed 16.25 miles by myself and wasn't too worse for the wear.

So, long story well long...I will pack my bags, running clothes included, and head to Disney on January 5th to complete my 3rd marathon in 3 months. How bad can it be?