Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home Office Makeover!

I decided to undertake a home renovation project this past summer.  I have many articles I need to work on and get published in order to stay marketable.  So I decided that I would make over my home office.  I used to refer to the office space as the "Knotty Pines" room.  Here are the before pictures.

I knew that I wanted to get rid of the wood feel of the room, but I knew demo'ing the wood panels would be way out of my comfort zone, so I asked around for ideas.  My friend Allyson told me about spackling the seams and lots of primer.  Little did I know.  It took three coats of spackle and tape (and my dad still thinks it may crack, and he just might be right).  Here is the spackling, priming, and texturing process.

This whole process took me about 4 weeks to complete.  Then it was time to add color.

I chose an orangish color because it is said to promote energy and creativity.  Since I hope to get lots done, I thought it was appropriate.  I then ordered carpet and while I was waiting for it to come in and be installed, my dad installed crown molding and cut out the baseboard.

I was so excited how it was coming all together.  Then it was time for new carpet.

Then it was time to screw in the baseboards to complete the room.  Thanks again to my dad.

I am very proud of how the room has turned out.  I can't wait to add in furniture.  Of course, I want to get a new desk and accessories for the room, but they will have to wait.  I am going to enjoy all of the effort that I put into making this part of the house truly mine!