Monday, March 30, 2009

If this is what is planned for weather, I don't recommend going out and running in the rain before it turns to snow. I learned this lesson the hard way on Saturday, March 28th. All week the meterologists were talking 1-3" of snow expected Friday night into Saturday night. I went to bed Friday night with my mind made up that I was not going to go run if there was even a single flake of snow on the ground. Boca woke me up at 5:30, so I reluctantly took him out all ready to see 1-3 inches of snow. Not a that time not even a drop of rain! So I changed my plan and decided I would meet up with the group at 7. As I drove to Veteran's park, the lovely drizzle turned to a pretty good down pour. I sat in my car looking around...thinking that I could easily pack it in and go back home. Nope, nope, nope......I got up...I'm dressed...I am going to do this...what's a little rain. Off we went to do a 5 mile loop (I was supposed to do 2). About 2 miles in, the wind picked up and I think I gained 10 pounds in just rain soaking into my clothes and shoes. Thanks to my friend Susan hanging with me, I did complete 1, 5-mile loop, but it is honestly the worst conditions I have ever attempt to run in. Then while trying to warm up...we did indeed get the snow during the day. A total of around 9" of snow fell...just crazy.

Some of the Runners World crew got together on Sunday to try the 5-mile loops again. It was a beautiful day and by 1PM a majority of the 9" of snow had already melted. I completed only 1 loop because I had a very good friend visiting from California and was meeting her for an early dinner. I really appreciated Bobby runnign the 5-mile loop with me. It made it go by so much more quickly than it would have if I was on my own. Thanks Bobby!!!

I meet up with Bobby's Bunch tonight, not really sure how it was going to go after doing 5 miles in the ick rain on Saturday, and then 5 miles again on Sunday, and was able to do 3 miles tonight. Put all that together and I did a 1/2 marathon in 3 days..hope it goes quicker than that on April 19 :).

I think I was meant to run in the horrid weather on Saturday so that I can better appreciate the nice days to run.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Trail Run

After completing 13.15 miles at the snake run today...I feel like my profile should be something like this:
However, such is not the truth, I will be quite content sitting on my butt watching basketball for the next 36 hours or so. I need to send thanks to Carmen and Sam who did the 13.15 miles with me. It was so nice just to chit chat on the first loop. The second loop wasn't so much chit chatting but watching some of the amazing people doing loop after loop like it was nothing. Before the run, Brian made the comment "If you look up, you'll go down", I have to say that he was right...I am not real sure what happened but I wound up "going down" at mile 9. Have a couple of great bruises on my left knee and leg...woulda taken a picture but they aren't blue enough to truly capture the owie. Really doesn't hurt that bad...or it could just be that all of my muscles are hurting so I don't even notice one little bruise. I had a great time on this run. I loved the laid back atmoshpere and the great support from all the runners. Thanks TZ for putting on such a fun run! I can't believe I did a 1/2 marathon on a trail today. Took me 3 hours 21 minutes and 55 seconds, but considering I haven't run longer than 7 miles in the past 2 years...I am very proud of myself and feel it was quite an accomplishment. Boo to the snakes I say!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A new 5K PR and Boca Graduates!

What a fun weekend! and it's only Saturday morning. On Wednesday, Boca took his Beginner Obedience Test. We (Boca and I) were both quite nervous about the sit/stay and down/stay. We have practiced and practiced and practiced. But, if you know anything about me, I don't just sit/stay very well myself, and well down/stay I reserve for sleeping. My dog has taken after my philosophy. But we practiced and practiced and practiced, and well Boca decided that test day would be a good time to do his first 3 minute down/stay at school. Boca wound up receiving the highest score for his class, therefore earning "Top Dog" honors. What does that mean? Well it meant we had to compete against all of the other top dogs from the other beginner obedience classes at graduation Friday night. Not having any idea, how the whole dog graduation thing worked, I did not do well at getting Boca ready for his competition. However, if there was an award for 'playing the crowd' I think Boca would have won that hands down. He smiled and when he had to do his sits he always turned so he was facing the audience. It was rather cute. I was a little embarrassed that I hadn't prepared Boca better, but I think he had a great time and it was so awesome to even be in the position to compete again. Turns out he did get some loot for winning the title of "Top Dog" from his class. He was stoked about you can see in the picture below.

Once the "Top Dog' competition was done, the dogs go to wear motor boards (much to their dismay) and get recognized one at a time. The whole dog graduation was quite cute and was a great opportunity for Boca to be around many other dogs and people.

On to running.....

I decided to enter the St. Pat's 5K run, since the doc wants me to give it one more week before I attempt more than 3-4 miles. I decided it would be a good opportunity to see if I could get a new PR for the 5K. This morning's weather, although a little chilly, was almost a perfect temp for a run, start a little cool and then not get too hot as you went along. The best part of today's run was at first having a group of Marines running and chanting behind me...they eventually caught up with me (I ran with them til the turnaround)...then of course going downhill on the way back they smoked me. It was so great to just listen and try to process what they were chanting...what a great distraction. I wound up finishing the 5K with a clock time of 37:04, and a Garmin time of 36:49. I am so pumped!! I can still remember when I just hoped to do a sub-40 and someday I may do a sub-36. My average pace/mile today was 11:47. This is awesome....first time I have ran 3 consecutive since my hip injury...and to run a sub-12!!! Thanks Marines!!! I really needed the good run today to help boost back up my running confidence. I am so looking forward to the 6-hour snake run next week. Will be my first event on trails rather than hoping just to have fun!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back in the Saddle (or Running shoes as the case may be)

After a two week hiatus from running thanks to a pesky hip injury, I have been able to get back into running the routes. Thursday I was given the okay from the doc to start some interval running. So I did the 3 miles Thursday running a 1/2 mile then walking 1/2 mile. I made it through the whole 3 miles, as did Boca, and didn't have any excess pain. My muscles were letting me know that they hadn't done that in a while. I woke up Friday morning a little worried that I would have some residual soreness or pain from Thursday's adventure, but nothing. Worked out with the trainer on Friday and it was a high cardio day (rowing and running), and again no incidence. Saturday was "long run" day, but fortunately it was a cut back week, so my group was scheduled to do 4 miles. I did interval running again, this time running a mile then walking 1/2 mile...again Boca and I made it through the 4 miles, running 3 and walking 1, without much incidence. I have been applying the heat/ice every night and it seems to be working. Went to the doc again today. He says I am about 95%. Went out with Bobby's Bunch tonight and ran 2.00 straight then walked 1/4 mile through the grass part and finished with .75 run. I think I am getting back in the groove..Yeah!! It's amazing how quick we lose everything we work so hard to build up..I did it once I can do it again.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The 20% Physical & Cross Training

As you can see the bunny slipper and I have been getting in some cross training on the row machine. This has been the only cardio-type workout I have been 'cleared' for by my chiropractor while my hip heals. I really wish that I had a better explanation of what happened to my hip. I have been through 4 adjustments, and from the pain I still have just throughout the day I can tell that my hip is still not right. It is so frustrating. The positive news is that the doc says I should be okay to get in my 1/2 marathon in Lawrence, KS on April 19th. Let's just keep praying that it does happen, that run has been like my nemisis..every year I plan on doing it and every year something seems to prevent me from doing it. I do have to say that it has been somewhat fun rowing on a daily basis. I have been doing an average of 4 miles a day at about at 2:20/500 meter average.

I have still been heading out and meeting up with the Runners World group to keep up my motivation and to continue to be inspired by others, so when I am cleared to running, I will still be in my routine. It has been so nice of Susan to walk with me. I have been taking Boca out with me for the walking adventures. He is just loving it. I need to keep taking him out even when I get back to running. I think he could easily do 2-4 miles with me.

My work as a doctoral candidate has gone very well over the last week too! I have all of the DVDs created that I need to begin my study. One DVD is to train students that may help me out, and the second DVD will be used to teach my participants. Now I just need to get all my paperwork approved from both KU and TU and I'm ready to get the party started.

My work as a teacher at TU was a little out of whack this week. I made a big rookie mistake...I had projects due for all 3 of the classes I teach during the same week. So I gave the bunny slipper some lessons on grading...he caught on quite quickly as you can see by the picture below.

Overall, I guess things are okay. I hope that my body heals, but I am thankful that I have been able to avoid catching any of the bugs going around and have been relatively healthy.