Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chicago Week 1 Training

Where on Earth did this past week go? 

I was pretty active during this past week.  I attended water pilates on Tuesday, and then did a 3-mile walk Tuesday evening.  On Wednesday evening I went to Aqua Boot camp, it was awesome.  It was nice to change it up.  On Thursday, I had physical therapy in the morning and finally had a right calf that had some flexibility.  This has been 7 weeks in the making and attending physical therapy twice a week for an hour each time.  After my PT appointment, I had Boca's agility class, well on one of the tight turns I would up buckling from my right hip flexor and was in quite a bit of pain all day.  Fortunately, Thursday is currently a "rest day", but I could not do anything.  Boca and I had his obedience class on Thursday evening, and Boca was a champ despite my leg pain.  Then Friday, I did an H2O Power Hour class, and it was an absolute blast too!  My neighbor is selling many items, and I bought her treadmill.  My good friend Pat and his stepson Josh were so kind to come over Friday evening and move it from my neighbor's house to mine.  So on Saturday, I did my 3-miles on the treadmill.  It is going to take some getting used to.  I am still trying to stick to speed walking, however the better my legs get feeling, the more I think I should push it and attempt to run some again.  I am so torn, but I figure I will try things as I continue to heal and get better.

Today, I completed a 9-mile jaunt.  I have learned that starting each one of my scheduled distances with a 5- minute warm-up has really helped me both mentally and physically.  It slows down my overall average pace, but who the heck cares.  Today, however, I was toast after 7 miles, but got all 9 of them done.  After my 5- minute warm-up, I did the first mile doing 1 minute walk/ 1 minute run intervals.  My pace for that mile was still only 13:18, but my legs and ankles felt good so I will take it.

My home project is continuing to come along.  I didn't get up all the trim as I had hoped for the week, but got 90% of it done.  Also began the demolition of taking down the crown molding.  I believe putting the new crown molding up will be a complete pain in the butt, but I have to say that I really think the room is coming along.  I can't believe this coming week is the last week in June, but I am glad that I have taken my time and done things right and well so that the room will stay looking good for a period of time.

SO....where does that leave me?  I am not real sure :).  I will begin week 2 of Chicago Marathon training. I will continue working on the home office project.  I need to buckle down with my academic work, I have still been slacking on that.  I need to work on putting together a presentation that I am scheduled to give at the end of July during this upcoming week, since it has to be uploaded by July 9th. 

I am going to leave off personal goals for this week, as this is the last week of the month that I have designated as "mine".  I will get back to setting personal goals next weekend.

Until then, wishing everyone a great week!

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