Monday, June 11, 2012

Home Renovation, Tulsa Tough, and Getting off track

Wow week 3.  It was a very busy week in my household.  This week consisted of a large project related to the home office makeover.  Removing an old door, discovering there was a second door, removing the second door and installing a new door that leads to the driveway.  I was thankful my parents returned from their Florida stay to help with the labor and knowledge to get this done.  The sad news is that none of the painting or spackling got done.  All efforts were put on getting the door situation taken care of.

I had several personal goals throughout the past week.  I was successful in some, and not so much in others.

Goal 1:  get all of the creases in the home office spackled and taped and the 2nd coat of primer on all of the walls

Well, as I stated this did not happen.  I did get a first coat of primer on all of the walls.  This goal was moved to this upcoming week because the door project absorbed so much time.

Goal 2:  continue the no sugar and no fried foods

This is going well!  I have to say that after riding 40 miles in the Tulsa Tough Grandfondo ride on Saturday I really wanted to delve into a yummy sno cone, and debated eating some yummy nachos made on delicious fried chips, but I did not!  I let my power of health win out during this time.  I utilized Stinger wafers made with honey sugars and dried pineapple as my "fuel" during my bike riding.  These tools worked well for me.  I have finally gotten to the point where when offered a cookie I don't long to eat just one bite any longer.  I mean I am sure they still taste absolutely delicious, but at this point I need to put my health first.  I greatly wish the weight was just melting off which it is not, but it gives me mental strength that I am making good choices throughout each and every day....

Goal 3:  document what I eat

I did great on this through Friday.  Tulsa Tough came along, and endurance events just throw me off of my whole game.  This is something I am going to really have to work on as I begin to think of marathon training in just a week or so..

Goal 4: attend 2 group fitness classes at the Y

I went to yoga!  I went to one class during the day, and one in the evening.  I really enjoyed the one during the day as it really focused on stretching and posture.  The Thursday evening class was more focused on working the muscles and building strength.  Both classes were good.  I definitely need to work on muscle flexibility.  I'd like to do a couple more classes throughout this upcoming week, but I have bizarre appointments spread out during the days.  So we will see.

Goal 5:  aquajog at least once for at least 45 minutes

I am really sad to report that I did not get this done this past week!  Some of the reason was because of the house project and the times I had available.  The other reason is because my physical therapist taped my quads on Thursday to help me on Saturday and I didn't want to risk the tape coming off on Friday.

Goal 6: begin e-reading manuscript for vocabulary acquisition

Well....this goal wasn't a complete fail.  I worked on pulling up research articles to provide the introduction and support for the study my friend and I completed.  I just have to find a couple of days to get into a writing zone.  I could use a couple of rainy days to get this done.  I am hoping it won't take me too long once I get started, I just need to get started.

So, looks like I'm at about 50% for accomplishing personal goals this week.  The house project really absorbed a lot more time than I had planned throughout the week.  I have to share that I enjoyed participating in Tulsa Tough! Even it was "just" the 40 mile ride on Saturday.  It is tough...super hilly and it gets warm quick.  It really pumped me up to start training for the Hotter than Hell Hundred in August.  I was proud of myself for playing it smart and not riding on Sunday with how sore my quads got on Saturday.

So now to determine my personal goals for this next week:

Goal 1:  Get back to writing down what I eat
Goal 2:  Cook a great dinner meal at home one night
Goal 3:  Workout at least 30 minutes 4 days of the week
Goal 4:  Get to writing that manuscript
Goal 5:  Work on getting more of the spackling done

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!  Can't believe it's already the middle of June.

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