Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting on Track!!

Well week 2 has passed, and I did well with my stated goals. 

Goal 1:  Cardio activities for at least 30 minutes 3 days

I accomplished this goal through power-walking and joining the YWCA.  I walked for at least 30 minutes on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  I then got "off the wagon" a little while I worked on my home renovation project.  Then on Saturday I joined the YWCA and did 45 minutes of aquajogging in the pool. I also got in a lot of "cross training" while working on the home office makeover project.

Goal 2: Document what I eat
This really makes such a positive impact for me.  It keeps me accountable for everything I put in my mouth.  It also gives me some accountability that I am being good to me.  It also helps me to really focus on whether I am truly hungry or attempting to avoid something, or trying to console my stress level.  Of course this is much easier for me to do during the summer when I am not on contract with TU.  I have been really trying to eat more at home too.  It's amazing how much you can consume when at a restaurant, even if you order a simple salad.  I bought a cool little contraption at bed, bath and beyond that let's me take 2 tbsp of my own salad dressing with me.  I think this is a huge saving grace as it allows me to know exactly what is in the salad dressing and how many calories of salad dressing I have eaten.

Goal 3: Starting June 1, no fried foods for the month of June or sugar
Thus far there have only been 2 days in June and this is going well.  I lost 5.6 pounds during the month of May.  I think this is due in part to the fact that I did my best to cut sugar out of my diet.  I wish that I was one of those people that when I cut out sugar I would drop 10-20 pounds, but I am not.  It gives me a little self-confidence that I'm not eating a horrid diet, or I do think that would have been the case.  I am hoping that removing the "fried" from my diet will help me get rid of another 5-6 pounds during the month of June.  Of course, who knows if it's the above 2 goals that will accomplish this result or removing fried food, but I think I am worth giving it a try.  I teaching in my class that it is silly "To expect significant results without significant change".  I have adopted this motto in regard to my weight and well-being.

Goal 4: Empty the home office, vacuum and get the wood paneling washed
I got all of this done, and have been way ahead of schedule.  So far I have cleaned out the room, washed all of the paneling, and applied the first coat of primer to 3/4 of the walls.  I have spackled many of the creases between the wood slats.  It is quite the undertaking.  I am really hopeful that it will turn out great, and become a great room in the house.

So where does this all leave me now?  Good question.  I am going to schedule myself to do 2 group fitness classes at the Y during this next week as well as go aquajogging at least once for 45 minutes.  I must continue to document what I eat.  I have found that with my new eating habits, I make more "short" trips to the grocery store to buy fresh fruits.  I love that it is watermelon season!  I ate a half of watermelon all on my own during this past week as well as an entire carton of strawberries.  There really is nothing quite as tasty as cold watermelon after a workout outside during the summer.

I am really feeling more centered and full of positive energy.  Again, this could be in part due to the fact that I am not on contract with TU.  I am however working, just not at work which is making a huge difference.  It's been a rough week professionally this past week.  So finding a happy place about my career choice and job is critical.  I actually have to include a work related task on my to do list for this next week.

So what are my weekly goals?  Here ya go:

1) get all of the creases in the home office spackled and taped and the 2nd coat of primer on all of the walls
 2) continue the no sugar and no fried foods
3) document what I eat
4) attend 2 group fitness classes at the Y
5) aquajog at least once for at least 45 minutes
6) begin e-reading manuscript for vocabulary acquisition

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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